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  Thermal Insulation Board
  Yuansen panel can be easily and effectively applied to the insides of roofs and walls as well as for floor insulation. The seamless foam layer follows all the contours of the surface and sticks to all kinds of materials and surfaces. PIR insulation protects against cold, heat, damp and draughts. It is the perfect insulation.

PIR-roof insulation board
  Yuansen PIR insulating foam can be applied to both existing roofs and new roofs to prevent damage by sun, wind, and rain.

PIR-Wall insulation board
  It can be done quickly and effective using PIR foam. The PIR foam sticks easily to any surface and follows all the contours, of in this case, the gable closely.

PIR-floor insulation board
   PIR foam has exceptionally good insulating and damp-proofing characteristics. The polyurethane is applied seamlessly against the underside of the floor of the ground floor, around floor boards and up to a certain height on the foundation joints. The result is a perfect separation between the climate in the crawlspace and that in the living room. Healthy homes, offices etc with an acceptable humidity level in the house. PIR foam seamlessly seals the floor, in contrast to systems that seal off the ground.